Eat that Frog with a Pomodoro

A technique to conquer deadlines…

Once I started my work, I could work on it and enjoyed it. So, it finished on time. But the problem was I used to struggle to start the task. It was arduous, and I would waste time on random things. I was troubled so: I searched on the internet how I could resolve this situation. That’s how I found the Pomodoro technique.
When I started working on my task, I set the timer for 25 minutes. In the beginning, It was hard. I wanted to stop and do something else. But, I forced myself I could only move if I finished it. Ultimately, It becomes effortless that I can work for straight 3 hours or more now.
I was able to accomplish a lot using this technique. It took me a long time before to start the work, but now I could work and complete my work with great ease.

Now, I used this technique every day when I’m working and on every task. Sometimes, I give my self a tempting reward if I don’t feel like working, and it works. Always.
To improve the experience, I set the timer when no one is disturbing; and there are no distractions. I turned off my Wi-Fi to be more focused on my work. That’s how I could complete my work in the given time frame.
I’ll continue to use this technique in the future and conquer deadlines.

Happy Learning!